Project Overview

Seventy Seven Collective has the honor of serving as Finli’s acting Creative & Marketing Director, guiding the Finli team with a variety of tasks in our working relationship. Creative strategy, marketing guidance, support for ads and custom ad-specific landing pages, and organic social media are just a few of the many items we help guide the Finli team on.

Client: Finli

Date: 2022

Website: Client has since switched directions to B2B and we do not handle their site currently.



Platform Sign Ups (in 4 month span)


Search landing page conversion rate (doubled since redesign of pages)


Hello Alice Promotional Campaign Conversion Rate

The Challenge

Finli is a payment platform that appeals to small business owners who want to ditch the fees and complicated structures for an easy way to manage, invoice, and collect client payments. Initially, 77co was brought in to manage the organic social media calendar and support media with custom creative and landing pages. Our scope then morphed into a full creative support role, both strategically and in execution. But where do we start? How can we provide the most value?

Our approach

As an extended partner for Finli, our primary approach was listening and learning so that we could be a valuable partners. That’s right, we listen. When we hear a new business challenge, like we need to update our email strategy or see an opportunity to target a new audience based on past learnings or create a unique visual extension of the brand on a new website, we spring into action. We listen, so we can pivot and have Finli’s back no matter what business opportunity arises. After all, they are a small business helping small businesses and figuring out their nitch as they go along, and we’re here to help guide them.

The Solution

First, we tackled the landing pages to support ad campaigns, of which 70% of the budget is in search. And we did lots of them! Landing pages for combating inflation, landlord and other business vertical-specific pages, and special promotions to certain partner groups all factored into the approach with custom graphics and messaging with the goal of platform sign-ups.

Secondly, we tackled growing our social and email base with custom creative campaigns targeting various articles and platform features. Static posts, reels, and stories are part of how we grow the fanbase organically.

And lastly, listen and be a good partner. That’s right, we listen. When we hear a new business challenge, like we need to update our strategy and look and feel of the monthly newsletter, we spring into action. Start to brainstorm a unique website experience and how that ladders back to our business goals, platform sign-ups, and overall brand awareness; we have Finli’s back.

77co has quickly proven to be a valuable partner to help us evolve our post Seed Round go to market strategy. Darrell and his team also provides flawless execution as a creative and strategic partner and helped us build a cohesive and quality Marketing team with other partners that create timely and dependable outcomes. They are an extended team member for Finli and we continue to drive great results through our partnership.

Mark Sievert

Head Of Growth & Partnerships at Finli

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