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See What We've Accomplished - Our Work Showcase

By Darrell Noe | February 1, 2021

As we stood up this agency, I wanted to write a post that shed light on the path I took to get here to inspire someone if they are on a similar path. I also wanted to thank a few key people that have led to this point that I am very grateful to have as part of the team and my life.


This time last year, I was in a job that, quite frankly, I outgrew and was desperately searching inside and out for what was next. What a strange position to be when you have worked your whole career to get to the level where you can lead a department and still feel unfulfilled. I loved my team but grew tired of the politics, the disputes, and the work. There was a change in direction for the company & our team, and I wanted a fresh start, so I left. I left people I cared about with a mission I felt passionately about and was scared of what going out on my own would be like each day. Can I make it as more than just a "freelancer"? Is there a need for another agency minded creative in the already crowded marketplace? Can I support and provide for my family to the same level I was at my previous job?


What started small, quickly grew, with clients ranging from solar energy to a custom video platform all wanting to push the envelope with marketing efforts despite a global pandemic and uncertainty. I was fortunate to team up with a fantastic copywriter in @DerekLawler and a web developer that kicks a$$ in @GregVarghese . Then shortly after, I happily stumbled upon a media strategist in @JanieTalerico to make a collective of creatives that helped lead to more clients in fitness, software development, and background screening, all with unique challenges and opportunities in their space. This year, one of the larger learning curves has been how to grow, evolve, and sell our services and build this micro agency / collective model out. To do this, I enlisted the help of @SherraBellConsulting, which has honestly been one of the best investments I've made in business and myself. I highly suggest a business coach to help keep you focused, on track, and accountable for anyone who wants to grow. The benefits are worth whatever monetary value you pay and the result should earn you back what you put in x10. The advice of people like @GeoffFellows and @JeffCorey (commonly referred to as “The Geo/Je-ff’s” , have been an invaluable resource for me throughout multiple parts of this journey.


Are we creating award-winning work that will land us on the front page of Ad Age? Time will tell. But for now, it’s a website or an ad campaign. A digital strategy for the best path forward to gain new clients. A logo and/or a brand book to revitalize a brand and breath fresh life into it. To that end, I am grateful for my clients who put their trust and their brand reputation into us.  So here's to a new chapter for us, and hopefully, one that I can successfully transition to a business owner for years to come.