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Demystifying the (Re)Branding Process for Your Business

By Darrell Noe | March 21, 2021

Are you feeling unsure about where to start with branding? Whether it’s brand creation from the ground up, or re-imagining the current brand, there is no need to worry. Here are a few helpful tips to help make your brand (re)design less intimidating and more exciting from the start. 

  1. Be clear about your why – Why are you a brand? Whether rebranding or starting fresh, know why your company exists both from internal values and external value to the ideal version of those you seek to serve. If rebranding, what about your why has changed? This will help you determine who you want to be or already are and why you are making this shift. It will help define your goals and your focus.


  2. Start a collaborative Pinterest board for you and your internal partners – add, discuss and come to a visual mood board together that will help your creative partner better understand the direction you want your brand to go.


  3. Understand what you don’t like and why – This is often missing for many clients. Knowing what you like is super important but knowing what you do not like is equally important. It helps guide creative partners on what to stay away from and prevents wasted time.


  4. You don’t have to solve it – You are paying for creativity so you don’t need to try to resolve anything for your creative partner. Give us your direction, likes and dislikes, mood boards, and any other strategic marching orders. Then get back to what you do best and trust us to do what we do best.


  5. Remember: Design is iterative – repeat after me “Design is an iterative process!” You may just see black and white logos at first, you might see a new mood board based on the direction you provided, and you may see the perfect logo with the colors you didn’t know you hated until they appeared together. It’s OK. We will work through it together and hone the idea. It’s a craft, an art form… let it happen. 


Want to have a discussion around branding, or rebranding your business? Give us a shout and we’ll be happy to schedule a time to consult on your business goals.