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The Unique Approach of Seventy Seven Collective

Seventy Seven Collective lets small businesses in on a really valuable secret. Ready for it? You don’t have to pay big agency money for big agency expertise. As a small but nimble, full-service branding and digital marketing agency, we can help you create, innovate or reinvent your brand with all the experience of the major players, but without all that pesky overhead.

From creative strategy and branding to digital marketing and full website design and development, we’ve been there, done that and created way more than the t-shirt. Now that the secret’s out, let’s get to work. We’ll make the impact. You get the results.

We’re in it together.

Symbiosis. Teamwork. BFFs. Whatever you want to call it, our relationship with clients is all about collaborations so we come to solutions as a united force.

We’re fast and flexible.

We’ve been stretching our talents at agencies and in-house studios for a long time, so we stay ready to solve problems quickly, creatively, and successfully.

We’re about the work.

The journey is great, but everything we do is about the destination. The final output. The way our target audience reacts. Our eyes stay on the prize, which is work that delivers.

What We Do

We help brands and small businesses create, grow, and connect with customers through digital marketing and experiences. And here’s a not-so-humblebrag…we’re really good at it. Small businesses face a huge challenge in a complex digital world, and we’re here to help guide you through the process whether you’re a start-up just going through your first round of funding, or an established brand looking to take the next step in your evolution. We can help with everything from digital marketing strategy, to full-scale execution …. we got your back!

Brand Strategy

We geek out over branding elements like logos and color schemes. But we fully understand that it starts with developing a brand strategy with companies by doing a deep dive into their history, goals and employee opinions.

Brand Execution

With all the traditional and digital ways your brand can reach the right eyes, this is where we really have fun. Logos, business cards, complex brochures, social posts, mobile ads. Whatever it is, we keep it on-brand and intriguing.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a big umbrella, so we help clients focus on their goals before we suggest a strategy. From email marketing and 360 ad campaigns to social videos and key vendor integrations, we cater solutions to your business challenges.

Website Development

Websites are actually magical places where brands take shape, identities are crafted, business problems are solved and the lines of communication with current and potential customers are always open. Whether it lives on one page, WordPress, or something more complex, we bring magic to the masses.

Creative Direction

Some brands we partner with already have a killer design staff in-house that may just need a little something extra. We’re happy to offer direction, guidance, and high-level concepting. Think of us as your CMO for hire, no matter how big or small the ask.

Social Media Management

Every new day brings new changes to the social media landscape. Luckily for you, we’re up on the latest trends so we can easily guide you with strategies, performance monitoring, social calendars, channel management, content creation and more.

"Your Brand Is The Single Most Important Investment You Can Make In Your Business."

Steve Forbes

Our Work

Want to see the goods? How about some of the greats instead. By that, we mean the great work that has come out of the tremendous clients we’re proud to partner with.

Below is just a sampling of our branding, website and digital marketing strategy and execution we have completed for clients…. and there’s more on the horizon.

Trusted by Amazing Brands

Not to get too mushy, but we love our clients. That’s because as a small digital marketing agency we get to help them seize opportunities, build upon ideas, create solutions and drive value. And that’s what gets us out of bed in the morning.

Meet the Team

Our passion points to us being a great partner. We approach each project as a unique opportunity to solve business problems, whether that means we’re creating one social post or an all-encompassing rebrand, you get our all in everything we do.

Darrell Noe

COO / Founder

Greg Varghese

Co-Founder / Lead Developer

Janie Talerico

Lead Digital Strategist

Derek Lawler

Sr. Copywriter

Mark McEnaney

Sr. Art Director

Geoff Fellows - Brand Strategist

Geoff Fellows

Sr. Brand Strategist