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SeventySeven.Co [Rhinebeck Web Design Services]

What we can do for you and your business?
Our first step is to understand what your business is about and how you want your business web site to look and perform. What are your priorities?

Our first option is to build a responsive web site for your mobile users, tablets and of course pc/notebook users. If you don’t want a responsive site that is fine, but we highly recommend one and since we don’t charge extra like others or create separate web site for each, it’s kinda a no-brainer.

Some businesses don’t have a logo to bring your business to life online, we can help with that or you can get a professional logo elsewhere and other graphics to add to your web site.

We break down the web design services in these categories:

  • Basic/Budget that includes a 3 page design with hosting and some minor maintenance during the year ( 4 hours of design time allocated, otherwise additional $70hr.)
  • Note: If you don’t want the hosting or yearly service a 3 page design can be purchased for a one time charge of $499.00.
  • One requirement at Rhinebeck Web Design for one time designs, we will need to unpack and publish the design one time on your hosting site, so password and id would be needed to install the design correctly. Those who choose this option will have the opportunity to use our maintenance plan at $70 per hour.
  • Pro-Series Design start off at 5 pages and additional pages are $55 each, This plan is our best value because you get a high end responsive web site, full year-round hosting and year-round social media promotion of your business, yes I said year-round. This pro-series design offers all design needs, we do have optional ad-ons like shopping carts, Facebook fan pages, custom animated ads, videos, and graphics and much much more. Stay cutting edge with a pro-series design at Rhinebeck web design. 5 page design with hosting and promotion $499 a year with 7 hours of design time included, afterwards billed at $70.00 per hour. One time designs are available with our Pro-Series platform, starting at $700.00 for 5 page design.
  • Minor maintenance is included with both plans, we give you up to 2 hours of computer changes to your design a year, after that our $70per hour rate kicks in. Note there is no extra changes for our pro-series clients with regards to social media promotion throughout the year, we do recommend that our clients also promote their business and followers on social media several times a week. It’s helpful to contact us with latest news about your business so that we can include it into our notes promoting your business.

Welcome to Rhinebeck Web Design, now known also as SeventySeven.Co, we build web designs, offer hosting, web graphics and custom animated ads, available in the Hudson Valley and beyond. We have clients in New York, NYC, Michigan, and Miami. Affordable responsive web design fully hosted and promoted year-round.


Cedar Heights Orchards -
Come pick the best apples, 8 Crosby Lane Rhinebeck NY. 2014 was an excellent crop, hope to see you in late August after the Dutchess County Fair. Visit our web site at
Cedar Heights Orchards.

Ferncliff Forest -
Come climb Rhinebeck's #1 free attraction. Want to check out something breathtaking? Come climb the tower or just enjoy a day hiking, walking, biking, snow shoeing in the woods, or apply for camping permit at our
web site. Ferncliff Forest is located on MT. Rutsen road in Rhinebeck.

Budai Masonry -
Leaders in the Hudson Valley in Masonry services since 1985. Visit their
web site for info and some job site photos of backyard creations, to walls, chimneys, stonework, fireplaces and repairs. Plan and reserve your project now for Spring and Summer 2015.

Apple Valley Landscape LLC.
Apple Valley Landscape's home offis in Germantown NY, they cover the Mid Hudson Valley. Their services include lawn maintenance, landscape and hardscape projects. Visit their
home pages for job site examples.

Hudson Valley Event Venue at Cedar Heights Orchards in Rhinebeck. Your special day photos, post or pre parties, weddings, business meetings, retreats or photo and movie shoots. More information can be found at Cedar Heights Orchards.

Hope Floats NYC Org.- Dragon Boat team, - the team is made up of breast cancer survivors who are recruiting survivors for the Spring 2015 season in Queens NY. No experience needed. Visit our home page for more information about joining or being a sponsor. Interested in even more info like us on our new Facebook page.

Real Fit Apparel -
Real Fit Apparel is your service provider to resolve fit, function and process issues in apparel. For more information visit our
web site.

Sierra Global Corporation -
Mission to provide personal connections for emerging and existing companies that enhance global business solutions. Connect with
Sierra Global Corp.

RC HR Consulting -
RC HR Consulting - Helping leaders improve their business results by engaging their greatest assests... their people! Contact Rob in the metro Detroit area.

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A quick word about who we are and where we are located, I guess I would call our business, a mobile business, gypsy comes to mind, although we started off in Rhinebeck, due to family business we have spent a stent in Philly, Michigan, Florida, Maine, Boston. Once again in 2015 we will be access-able for one on one consultation in northern duchess during the spring and summer of 2015. Contact us via web form or give us at call at 845.698.0173 Thanks for checking out our services and support our clients! ~Sean