Jan 25, 2015
Rhinebeck Web Design Services:

Two new available options added and they have to do with Facebook and Facebook Fan pages. So lets get right to it, selling product online can be difficult to many businesses, as a matter of fact we for the most part bill our clients the old fashion way, but experts do say adding you can gain 15% + additional sales making your cart available on the Facebook page. Our new shopping cart option are for anyone who signs up for a Pro-Series design plan or even the budget plan if it can be built into the 3 pages that come with that plan. Additional options include building a new Facebook fan-page for both viewing Facebook through you web browser or clicking the link to view the shop on your smart phone.

Secondly - Staying on the Facebook bandwagon, we will be offering a directory/listing option fan-page. (later this month). See one we just put together just to list our clients. This can be made interactive for ratings and comments. We will be putting together some examples during the winter. Something your business may be interested in??? Join our network with either a basic or pro series yearly design to get started! There is also a 3rd party app for strictly viewing through a smart phone.

Recent and ongoing web design work for Sierra Global Corporation, Real Fit Apparel, Hope Floats NYC, and RCHR Consulting. Looking for a business web design, also maybe an animated ad, please contact us via E-Mail support. We are reserving space for January 2015. Our goal here is to update our own home page after the holidays to reflect latest technology options in web site designs.

View some of our custom animated ads and to see some of the very latest uploaded to Vimeo and Youtube .

We have added a basic edit function to our web design toolbox to go along with the more powerful publisher feature that sets your page or pages on auto pilot. Not everyone needs full blown CMS, and this option lets you add text, images and video to your web site.

We are a small business, catering to small local businesses. Rhinebeck Design offers much of what the brick and mortar or frankly what very large internet houses offer, without the hype and at a much better price. We stress that you can't just leave it up to having a website, you need to promote it in social media circles daily. There are well respected companies that specialize in SEO, beyond what most web designers do, they stay on top of every trick Google and Bing make. All small local business want local exposure, and by using social media like Facebook and Twitter and videos like the animated ads we are offering statistics say your business will increase visibility and sales.

Rhinebeck Web Design offers a web design package that includes hosting and year-round site promotion at affordable yearly rates. Great value! We also build one time designs that we back up on a thumb drive and upload your design to your hosting service, if down the road you need maintenance it's available at the current hourly maintenance rate. Note: our best deals are the all in one design-host-promote plans.

New custom whiteboard animations and character videos are here! Client's animated video are promoted and hosted here at Rhinebeck Web Design year-round, and you get the embedded code + actual digital file for your web site.


Sierra Global Corporation This new web design and animated ad is truly a global project. Site construction is still underway.

RC HR Consulting - Another December project underway. Visit Rob Caringi's HR Consulting Services in #Troy #Birmingham #Detroit #Michigan

Hope Floats NYC  Dragon Boat Team - Breast cancer survivors paddling for a cure. No experience to join. We will be practicing out around Citi Field at the World's Fair marina. Visit Hope Floats NYC for more info in joining or becoming a sponsor.

Cedar Heights Orchards - Pick the best apples in Dutchess County NY during September and October, Cedar Heights Orchard has many heirloom trees, and the orchard grows Galas, Cortlands, Jonamacs, Empires, Macoun, and Red Delicious. This season they have apple wood for sale, should be a big hit! Check their web site and Facebook page for the very latest. The season ended October 25th. This was an excellent season for the Orchard.

Real Fit Apparel, Miami,Fort Lauderdale, Philladelphia,New York City - Experts in Design, Fit & Function

 Check out Ferncliff Forest and tackle #Rhinebeck 's #1 free attraction, Climb The Tower ! Visit their web site as the forest is open year-round for all types of activities and think about supporting the forest, 2014 5k Thanksgiving morning Turkey Trot, camping permits local donations are available as well. This Rhinebeck treasure is used by many for hiking, biking, walking the trails, fishing and the breathtaking views climbing the fire tower.

Another client that has been with us from day 1 is , Budai Masonry, we hope you check out their web site for some of the interesting out door masonry jobs that people have had built by the Budai team, as well as all the traditional masonry work one would done on their property, Visit the Budai Masonry Team site for more.

Here is a client we have used a few times, and always highly recommend, James at Apple Valley Landscape LLC won't steer you wrong, Visit the web site today to see recent job site photos. Apple Valley Landscape LLC services are available in the Hudson Valley and are located in #Germantown NY. Their services run from lawn maintenance plans to landscape and hard-scape projects.

Did you know that Cedar Heights Orchards is now available as a Event venue, located in #Rhinebeck plan your special day, family re-unions, corporate outings, photo and movie shoots at beautiful Cedar Heights Orchards, visit this page for more info .

SeventySeven.Co ( Rhinebeck Web Design ) is currently updating the web site with some additional features that may work for your business web site. Visit our Facebook and Twitter pages for latest info.

We have added custom forms, sign up forms, more virtual cover and graphic examples for our web design clients. Special sale for custom animated ads for the remainder of this year! We INCLUDE a very basic 1 page web design with these ads if you already have a web design elsewhere for additional exposure of your business. You also receive the movie file and embedded code.

Please visit our "Cart" page above for all the details on the plans we offer, details, and current specials. Note about our shopping carts, we can build them for your Facebook fan page and create directories as well.