Training Think Tank, a cross-fit gym out of Alpharetta, GA, needed to extend its digital footprint around training programs geared towards the remote training segment of cross-fit novices and enthusiasts alike. Word of mouth can only go so far, so they turned to Seventy Seven Collective for a digital strategy and execution to push more traffic to their programs.

First, we conducted a deep-dive discovery session with their top trainers to understand what potential customers may be looking for and how their current customers have found them. Research interviews proved to be a valuable experience in gaining a deep understanding of their business and clients’ mindset. Along with discovery, we then embarked on researching media trends in the space across Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube and combined that with historical and predictive search trends to paint a strategic picture of how TTT will perform best in marketing with paid ads. And finally, we analyzed where we could best allocate our clients dollars to gain maximum exposure on minimal spend.

We concluded that in paid digital media, specifically video, micro-targeting towards high-level fitness enthusiasts (including but not limited to cross-fit) would be the best strategic approach for TTT to reach their goals. TTT has fantastic video content, is produced in-house, and is the perfect launchpad for video ads. Starting broad, we identified important geographies, key messages, and audience profiles that spanned two select training programs that we felt would identify with potential customers the most. Each month, we refined and optimized each campaign to continue delivering more qualified leads and a targeted approach. The campaigns on both Facebook and YouTube returned fantastic results, beating historical averages by as much as 3x to drive traffic and sign-ups for TTT over Q1. On average, we generated over 2 Million click-throughs in 3 months, with 1.5 times growth driving qualified leads for the programs.


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