The Coach Max

Max El-Hag, coach of many of the highest-profile CrossFit competitors, wanted to elevate his personal brand to extend into being a CrossFit coach and mentor and brand out into other aspects of wellness. As such, his branding needed to nod toward the world he’s so famous in, CrossFit and his gym Training Think Tank but also appeal to other audiences outside the CrossFit and rugged competition space.

After a few iterations ranging from Tribal influenced logos to extreme grungy-type treatments, we landing on “bold initials” that felt very much like a stamp that represents “C”coach “M”ax. The combined C&M can create a mark that Max can establish as a recognizable brand over time. The corresponding website is a stark contrast from the Red and Black, CrossFit heavy website that Training Think Tank is known for visually. The website is built on a WordPress platform to allow Max easy blogging capabilities and expand the site as needed.

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