SIS: Strategic Industry Solutions

Strategic Industry Solutions

Even though Strategic Industry Solutions stays hard at work with day-to-day business, their brand mark, brand treatment and logo were out-of-date and probably not cutting through the marketing clutter. Enter 77 Collective. Since the construction industry interacts with their brand the most, we had to quickly convey the SIS brand in a clean and modern update that hits the mark with decision-makers looking at multiple tech stacks to help manage their construction process.

First up was the discovery phase. We sat down with brand managers, sales teams and tech leads to get a feel for how the brand was perceived by clients and future customers. Once we had a feel for the current situation, we whipped up three three distinct brand look and feel mood boards, eventually landing on a clean and geometrically modern stage for the logo. After that, we went through exhaustive iconography, typography, and color explorations to move the logo into a modern expression.

SIS trusted our process and now has a clean, sophisticated and geometric brand approach with an icon and non-icon mark to choose from. The typography is a custom font that incorporates angles in the “S” as a subtle nod to the various solutions in the industry. The main focus was using the “I” for industry to represent a constructed building. Clever, right?

From that solid foundation, we constructed brand elements for all sorts of media. We played with angles, overlapping elements and pure color and typography to build up a full brand presence. That includes sub-product logos that modernized an older graphic and included gear that’s a tip of the hardhat to their software platforms and solutions. We even documented it all in a 30+ page brand book that served as a blueprint for the client to follow on additional materials and brand expressions.


    Strategic Industry Solutions

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