Resilient Off-Grid Power

With its custom and state-of-the-art off-grid power system, RaVolt aims to challenge the way customers approach home solar. They challenged us to think differently with everything, like the name, logo, website and marketing strategy. Most importantly, we couldn’t fall into the sane naming and creative practices that cause other solar companies to all feel homogenous.

We researched hundreds of names that would play off solar without using “solar”, “sun” or “energy”. A variety of icons were tested that graphically represented a sun shape without specifically being the sun or a solar panel.

For the strategy, we researched the last 5 years of historical data around off-grid solar and how the trends are projecting. That enabled us to differentiate from the marketplace norm even further.

After much research, we landed on “Ra”, the sun god, combined with “Volt”, a unit of energy produced. We felt this name would give ownership and a distinction that separates our client from the crowded solar industry. Since the system is installed in your yard, not your roof, we wanted to give the photography a birds-eye view of how it fits into the flow of your yard.

We’ve not only helped this start-up bring their brand to life with logos, supporting collateral, and a new website… we’re also now working on their digital strategy campaign that will target users uniquely through search, display, and social.

Solar just got a whole new look and we’re so proud to be a part of it!

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