Property Insurance Claims

Go From Claim To Paid

Property Insurance Claims wanted a way for customers to reach out for help with dealing with insurance claims for properties. The goal was to create an information site that allowed users to learn about how the PIC team could help, and then easily submit a claim with supporting documents. To accommodate non-English speaking users, support for language localization was a priority. Additionally, the site needed to be Section 508 ADA compliant to allow all users to be able to use the site. On the backend, the PIC team needed a portal to help with managing submissions and attachments, track status, and provide updates to customers on progress. As an added requirement, the PIC wanted to franchise and provide franchisees their own version of the site.

We evaluated different platforms from a CMS-based system including Drupal, WordPress, SiteFinity, and others along with custom solutions. We thoroughly analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of each system. Factors that we considered included cost, maintenance, level of effort to implement and maintain security.

To stay within PIC’s budget, we opted to stay with open source technologies and presented the client with two solutions using WordPress and Laravel. PIC selected Laravel, primarily to avoid the hassle of WordPress updates and security issues.
The site’s front-end was built using the Laravel PHP blade templating system, along with the native language translation files.
To save PIC additional time and money, the site’s backend was built using Laravel Nova, which was customized to add the required additional functionality.
The system will accommodate franchisee sites and plug in their information as needed.

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