First Advantage Rebrand

First Advantage has a deep history in serving fortune 500 companies with world-class background screening solutions. The challenge is that their logo screamed “global” with an outdated visual depiction of a globe. They came to Seventy Seven for a fresh take on their logo typography and wordmark that skewed more towards “Background Screening” as a quick read.

First up was the discovery phase. We sat down with brand managers, sales teams, and tech leads to get a feel for how clients and future customers perceived the brand. We also had heavy input from internal marketing managers as many of the elements used will be for internal marketing, webinars, and sales team collateral. Once we had a feel for the current situation, we went through exhaustive iconography, typography, and color explorations to move the logo into a modern expression. Our exploration ranged from modern design takes on the “F+A”, background screening elements, and iconography representing their brand promise.

Our process led us to a graphically modern fingerprint expression in a swirl design to create movement and depth. The brandmark was paired with a classic typeface to create a varied and playable look and feel.

From that solid foundation, we constructed brand elements for all sorts of media. We played with overlapping elements, linework, and color with typography to build up an entire brand presence. That includes sub-product logos that modernized their current typography and expression of over 30 sub-logos, trade show booths with pop-up banners, and a complete social and email suite of designs. We now have a blueprint for the client to follow on additional materials and brand expressions and continue to work with First Advantage on a wide variety of retainer-based projects.


    First Advantage

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