Buzzy Seeds - Digital Strategy, E-Commerce Platform Redesign, Digital Marketing Strategy and Execution

Buzzy Seeds sells easy to grow kits for a wide range of customers with various skill levels of gardening. One of the bigger issues is that their web store didn’t drive many sales and they rely on shelf space at big box retailers during the spring and early summer months to generate revenue. They have a range of issues pertaining to their overall digital strategy and how that blead through their marketing, advertising, and e-commerce strategy. Their issues stemmed from the fact they weren’t sure who their core target was in the digital space, how to target these customers online and when they did drive them to a website, they had an outdated WordPress store to sell products online that was in dire need of a refresh. So, they enlisted Seventy Seven Collective to help define, shape and target the right customers with the right experience.

First, we set out to do a deep dive into who their target audience was, what they were looking for, and how to best talk to them. This full digital marketing strategy helped define so much of their core audience, and different approaches as each segment had different needs. We explored new targets that can expand their key season to more than just springtime gardeners and gift giving, to turn Buzzy into a year-round brand.

Second, we evaluated the business and technical needs. The existing site was built on WooCommerce so we evaluated the setup, the existing theme, code base, potential security issues, costs related to plugins, pain points of the existing system, and level of effort to upgrade the existing site or starting over. We also explored replacement options for e-commerce platforms including Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Wix, Sellfy, and Ecwid.

Third, we considered the requirements which included launching in a short turnaround time.

WordPress seemed like the obvious choice but when we evaluated the theme + platform, we found security issues and that WooCommerce had not been updated in quite a while. During testing, we discovered the existing theme and the majority of the purchased plugins were not compatible with the later versions of WooCommerce, but even more important, most were no longer maintained.

We evaluated the hosted platforms and factors that we considered included cost, maintenance, and level of effort to implement and maintain security. We settled on recommending Shopify due to its ease of implementation, management, and extensibility support. Shopify’s standards and Liquid template language made it easy to implement additional functionality to boost the site’s capabilities.

We let the original site continue running while monitoring it, and built the Shopify experience.

The new Buzzy Seeds site is targeted towards three core audience types that seek easy to grow and easy to maintain grow kits. Our digital ad strategy targets gift givers, home chefs and general garden enthusiasts in a variety of ad platforms and drives them to here they will find products, resources and tips on how to become long time, year-round Buzzy customers. Smart email marketing automation and client marketing segments is just a few of the many ways we are helping to evolve the Buzzy Seeds brand.

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