Holiday Bar

Project Overview

From coffee cups to cocktail menus, we were lucky enough to handle it all. We consulted on signage, created the logo and brand identity, and created launch assets for Midtown Atlanta’s hottest coffee and cocktail lounge.

Client: Holiday Bar

Date: 2021-Present


The Challenge

Holiday Bar (a new “coffee by day/cocktails by night” concept) came to us wanting a fun, energetic and modern brand mark that didn’t feel overly holly jolly. The location isn’t at the North Pole, but it is packed with life at a busy intersection in Midtown Atlanta. So we set out to match that energy for both the daytime coffee lovers and nighttime cocktail connoisseurs.

Our approach

There was already an industrial design company working on the interior decor, so we partnered with them to make sure our brand work was seamlessly connected to the inside. The hardest part was keeping the mark and brand away from Christmas, but we love a good challenge. We dove into styles like “Tokyo modern,” “vintage retro” and “colorful pop art” in order to create unique typographies, colors and expressions.

The Solution

After lots of exploration, we had a winner! Check out that thick, chunky font with its thin inside line and pointalized back shadow texture that create a pliable logo solution. Beautiful. We also wanted to make sure we could mix and match and use parts of the logo or the whole thing in order to create a familiar but unique expression depending on the medium. For the color palette, we included a variety of bright pop-art colors, plus textures that can be masked in the logo or on brand elements.

Why stop there? We also helped out with design for “Holiday Bar” and Caffeine + Cocktails” signage outside the building, multiple coffee cup designs, and menus that all contributed to this one-of-a-kind concept.

Seventyseven-sign at night
Seventyseven-sign at night