Hero Health

Project Overview

The Hero Health Marketing team engaged 77co on a variety of banner concepts throughout the fall of 2021 including multiple campaign targets, black friday and cyber Monday. Most concepts built and trafficked in HTML 5 across multiple websites

Client: Hero Health

Date: 2021

Website: www.herohealth.com








The Challenge

Hero Health manufactures a brilliant product that distributes a client’s vitamins and medicine through a subscription-based model. However, their value proposition is slightly different depending on the audience they are addressing such are caretakers, patients with 1-+ medicines, or the healthy vitamin crowd. On top of the audience channeling, is the added complication of the subscription-based model for the pills. How do we convert this message to consumers quickly, and visually appealing, to drive website traffic? 

Our Approach

We worked with the Hero Health marketing team to determine the motivators for each focus group of potential consumers. Although with the Hero design team, which supplied amazing photography, we were able to address each focus group with targeted visuals and messaging. 

The Solution

Animated banners and video ads were the only way to go, allowing us to create thumb-stopping animations that cut through the clutter in your social feed. HTML 5 and video also provided us the ability to quickly create versions based on different market segments, and slightly different offers to test. The results were outstanding, beating the industry average in click-through rate, conversion rate, and highly increased site traffic. 

Seventy Seven Collective - Hero Health
Seventy Seven Collective - Hero Health