First Advantage NASDAQ IPO

Project Overview

First Advantage Times Square takeover creative and support for their IPO launch in NYC.

Client: First Advantage

Date: 2021


Time Square Takeover

First Advantage – the most complete candidate background screening and hiring solution – decided to take their company public in June of 2021. They enlisted Seventy Seven Collectives help to turn around digital assets to run on all NASDAQ properties, including a full Digital OOH in Times Square and Digital Ads on Wall Street Journal and corresponding properties. The result was a quick turn but successful project that unified the First Advantage look and feel into a concise but powerful message of who First Advantage is, their value proposition to the world, and welcoming their IPO to the NASDAQ. Congratulations to our clients for this historic milestone, and we’re so glad we could be a part of bringing the launch to life in the digital space.

Photography courtesy of Nasdaq, Inc.