Project Overview

echocast is a global platform that aims to give content consumers direct access to their favorite creates with customized feeds, without Youtube’s fluffy algorithm. echocast came to use for the full branding package, digital marketing ads, custom video, and more. 

Client: Echocast

Date: 2019-Present


The Challenge

echocast wanted to launch a new digital platform that served users videos made by their favorite content creators from other platforms. Their unique selling point? No crazy algorithms. First, we had to create the brand, from the name and visuals and the strategy and selling point. The real challenge was how to do this without mentioning other platforms in our marketing material and ads. Other platforms deliver an experience that is rooted in what their algorithms think you want to watch next. They offer no way to alert you of new, hot content and no aggregated playlist experience. We decided to change all of that.

Our approach

We worked with echocast’s brand and dev team to create a look and feel that translated to their website experience, which they were well underway with, but also into their marketing materials and social. We looked across many content creators’ channels to highlight a strategy that can work cross-creator and be seamless in our experience. We looked for ways to approach other platforms’ algorithm challenges without hitting them head-on and severing the platform that powers us.

The Solution

First, we helped craft a new name from their beta name that focused on broadcasting content in a sea of videos; echocast. Their brand team wanted to focus on a darker color scheme that had a bright and memorable accent color from day one. The lime green created a much-needed focal point that has served all our materials to-date wonderfully.

The primary strategy for talking to new customers became clear: highlight our platform’s benefit by calling out the algorithm that makes other platforms a lousy experience. #algorithmRevolt became the new tagline that we root all of our materials in and serves as a hard-hitting way to gain subscribers.