Britannica Kids

Project Overview

Brittanica Kids Campaign promoting their summer bundle for their new hardcover “Kids Encyclopedia” book. The campaign featured rich graphics that represented the joy of doodling in a notebook, combined with the exciting page layout design featured in the book spreads. The promotion ran for the summer of 2021.

Client: Encyclopedia Brittanica

Date: 2021

The Challenge

Encyclopedia Britannica, the leading source for all things learning, had a new hardcover book aimed at children of all ages to help them explore and retain knowledge in a wide range of topics. They engaged us about a summer 2021 promotion that bundled the book with access to their online learning platform.

Our approach

The main advantage? We have kids ourselves, so that kickstarted the process of how we’d want to leverage the creativity of children, while still speaking to parents wanting to keep summer learning activities fresh. We knew Facebook would play a role in online advertising, as it had been successful for Britannica in the past. However, we wanted to dive deeper to create a look and feel that not only highlighted the creativity and content of the book, but also conveyed the robust digital learning tools Britannica had to offer.

The Solution

The most magical moment of kids’ learning experience is when they’ve taken information in and their mind wanders through all the possibilities. The who, what, when, where and why of it all. So we put on our thinking caps and dreamed up oodles of doodles. Because simple doodles are the perfect representation of that. They can be anything. They can be created anywhere. They can represent ideas, thoughts or memories. And they’re just as playful as everything our bundle offers. We pushed this message throughout the landing page, email and social banners to create a rich look and feel with a robust message: Summer learning can still be fun!